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Exotic birds are amongst the most loved creatures

Types of Exotic Birds


Types of Birds
Click to learn about African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots – The best talkers of the bird world! The African Grey makes a wonderful pet bird that are easily tamed and very sociable

Click to learn about Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots – Amazon Parrot bird guides for all types of Amazon birds. Parrot pictures, information and bird care for keepimg pet Amazon parrots

Click to learn about Caique Parrots

Caique Parrots – Caiques…a lot of intelligence and energy in a small package! These clowns of the parrot world are constantly playing and on the move

Click to learn about Canary Varieties

Canary Varieties – Canaries are some of the most colorful birds and a favorite pet. These little birds have a beautiful song and are ideal for small homes or apartments

Click to learn about Cockatiels

Cockatiels – Cockatiels are gentle endearing pets with so many positive traits, its hard to choose what makes them great! Social, playful, talkers, love people…

Click to learn about Cockatoos

Cockatoos – Cockatoos… the lovers of the bird world! The friendliest birds, but with an incredible need for attention!

Click to learn about Conures

Conures – Conure parrots are always playful and full of antics. All types of conures can be noisy, but they are loved for their beauty and good dispositions!

Click to learn about Doves - Pigeons

Doves – Pigeons – Universal symbols of peace, love, and tranquility! They are great companions and easy to keep

Click to learn about Lories and Lorikeets

Lories and Lorikeets – These are very playful birds with with great personalities, and they can be very good talkers!

Click to learn about Lovebirds

Lovebirds – Lovebirds are delightful little parrots! Found in a rainbow of colors, they love to be playful and mischievous!

Click to learn about Macaws

Macaws – The most colorful parrots are the beautiful exotic macaws; large macaws, mini macaws, and hybrid macaws are favorite pet birds and intelligent show birds

Click to learn about Parakeets

Parakeets – All Types of Parakeets are flock birds, very social with each other and with people. They are colorful, active, love attention and make wonderful pets!

Click to learn about Parrot species

Parrot species – Looking for a unique parrot? There are so many different types of parrots… Eclectus, Hawk-Headed, Senegal, Red-Bellied, Parrotlets, Meyers… and more!

Click to learn about Pionus Parrots

Pionus Parrots – Great choice for beginners! Usually quiet, undemanding, affectionate… and they seldom bite!