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Exotic birds are amongst the most loved creatures
November 26, 2011 by Scott

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Birds of the World

Around the world, birds are amongst the most loved creatures due to their variety, beauty and amazing vocal abilities. They are also popular due to their accessibility, that is, even if you live in a built up city you will still be able to see wild birds.

If you are going to be traveling, you may find it useful to purchase a handbook of the birds of the world. Some of the most fascinating bird species live in Australia and New Zealand. The emu is the second largest bird in the world (the largest is the ostrich). These flightless birds are nomadic, feeding on grains, fruits, insects and whatever else is available as they travel. They are able to run at speeds of 50 km/h. Folklore states that Emus have the ability to detect rain from hundreds of miles away.

The kiwi bird of New Zealand differs from other birds of the world in that its nostrils are at the end of the beak and proportionally it lays the largest egg in relation to its body. It can be compared to a chicken laying an ostrich egg.

The world’s smallest bird is the bee hummingbird from Cuba. It is only 2.5 inches in length (6.2 cm) and weighs a mere 0.06 oz (1.6 g).

On the other hand the largest bird in the world is the ostrich. The ostrich is indigenous in Africa, however it is farmed throughout the world. It reaches 9 ft (2.7 m) in height and its eggs weigh in at about 3 pounds (1400 g).

Another interesting creature in the avian world is the Gentoo penguin. This flightless bird is the fastest swimming bird in the world. Their primary colony is on the Falklands.

Certain of world’s birds are endemic. This means that they are found only in that specific area. For example the helmeted woodpecker, black-fronted piping-guan and russet winged spadebill are endemic to the Atlantic forest. Endemic to the Nicobar Islands of India are the Nicobar sparrowhawk, Andaman cuckoo-dove, white-headed starling and Nicobar Megapode.

Exotic birds are large, colorful and highly intelligent. They are popular pets for all of these reasons, but come with some considerations. Some birds are destructive and loud, especially when they learn to talk. Large birds like parrots require additional room, interaction and nutritional support, and can live up to 100 years. Any potential owner should educate themselves and prepare their home before buying an exotic bird as a pet.

Exotic birds hail from many different places across the globe, including the jungles of Mexico, South America, the Amazon, Africa and even Australia. Exotic birds come from habitats that are warm, rainy and filled with lush jungles. Although many exotic birds are still captured in the wild and imported as pets, bird breeding is gaining ground. If you’re purchasing an exotic bird, do so from a breeder who has bred and raised the bird him or herself and can vouch for the bird’s health and history. Exotic birds may cost up to $200,000 as of 2010, depending on the type of bird.

From the world’s smallest bird to the largest, from the fastest in air to the fastest in water, they are all fascinating and worthy of our attention.

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